Biological Pond

Eco Aquas™

“Enjoy the tranquility of water and life coming together in a peaceful aquatic pond setting”

A peaceful aquatic pond does not only provides a charming attraction, it’s also serves as a great way to relax and rejuvenate.
The elegant view of fish and water along with hearing relaxing and tranquil sounds of the water is priceless.

“Nature always tends to act in the simplest way”

To create a sustainable biological system in an artificial pond environment, we must first create a healthy ecosystem just like nature.
To achieve that, we must first imitate the nature as close as possible.

Eco Aquas™ Biological Pond System

Eco Aquas Bio Bed Filtration System supports an ecological balance of nature in an artificially designed aquatic pond. By providing a biological bed, ecological balance of natural symbiosis between organisms such as beneficial bacterias, micro plankton, aquatic fauna and flora creates the best filtration just like a natural pond.

Eco Aquas Bio Bead (biological filtration media) made of high porosity material which provides large surface area for beneficial bacteria colony to thrive. These micro organism colony quickly multiply thanks to the large surface area of the Bio Beads and effectively completes the nitrogen cycle in your pond, keeping water quality in the best condition all the time.