Green Facade

Green Facade Systems

Green Facades are ecologically sensible and aesthetically appealing. Training systems usually made of stainless steel ropes or modular mesh panels are designed, built and installed to train climbing plants to form green facade. Different types of climbing plants behaves differently and are generally categorized by adhesive sucker climber, root climbers, vines, leaf stem climbers, leaf climbers and scrambling plants.

We work closely with our suppliers and manufacturers to design a strong, efficient and suitable training system depending on project. Climbing plants are carefully selected while taking into consideration proper soil volume, irrigation delivery and maintenance to ensure successful Green Facade.

Green Facade Systems

Stainless steel rope system consist of tension stainless steel cables mounted vertically or horizontally between stainless steel spacers. The cables provide a conduit for climbing plants to climb upward, creating a green facade.

Stainless steel system is very flexible and can be applied to unlimited designs. The stainless steel system has proven its reliability for many decades in the Europe.

Modular mesh panel system is a three dimensional, welded wire trellising system. The panel’s depth creates a “captive growing space” for supporting plants.

The panels can also be mounted between posts, making  it easy to create green fences, gazebos or free-standing screens.