Indoor Vertical Garden in Sarawak for Naim Holdings

Green On Wall was invited by Naim Holdings to built a Vertical Garden in their sales gallery located in Kuching, Sarawak. The time frame to complete the project was too short and we are proud to have done it in time, thanks to Mr Laurence & Mr Chang from Naim Holdings and the other contractors involved.

The Vertical Garden panel and system was designed, customized and tested in our facility before it was shipped to Sarawak. The landscape team lead by Mr Chang prepared many interesting plants which mostly was taken from their backyard and tropical forest – home to abundance of plants.

And our journey to Sarawak begins…

Vertical Garden Naim Holdings 1(From left: Ken Lim, Ray Chong)

Vertical Garden Naim Holdings 3Arrived at Site (Sales Gallery)

Vertical Garden Naim Holdings 2(From left: Ray Chong, Ken Lim, Mr Chang)

When we arrived, the plants were already prepared by Mr Chang from Naim Holdings landscape department. From here, we had our first look at the plants selected and prepared by Mr Chang. Ray then taught the landscape team the correct way to wrap the plants using root wrappers. We then started selecting the plants needed and got all plants wrapped up, ready for installation.

Vertical Garden Naim Holdings 4Vertical Garden Panels

While waiting for the plants to be wrapped by the landscape team, we started planting on the Vertical Garden Panels. Guzmania was carefully planted because of the tiny thorns on the leaves. We have got several cuts while handling this plant, didn’t felt it until we were back to hotel. It is a very beautiful plant with lovely color.

Vertical Garden Naim Holdings 5Indoor Vertical Garden Completed

Finally, our job was completed when the Vertical Garden has been fully planted other than the bottom row which will need to be added with some plants. Unfortunately the plants were insufficient and we are flying back to West Malaysia. So the bottom row of plants will be added by Mr Chang later on. After some final check and test run, everything works perfectly and we are glad to have finished the project on time with some extra time to visit the city of Kuching.

We would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to Naim Holdings Berhad, Mr Laurence for inviting us to Sarawak for this special project and Mr Chang and his team for the plants and help throughout the entire project. It was our first East Malaysia project and also a great experience for us.