8′ X 8′ Wall Installation @ Aquatic Paradise

An eight feet high by eight feet wide vertical garden was successfully installed at Aquatic Paradise Sdn Bhd. This system runs on fully automated irrigation system and fertilizer dosing.

Here are some photos of the wall

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Day 7 Update

Day 7 Update3 Months Update

Vertical Garden in Aquatic Paradise Sdn Bhd

Look at the growth of the plants in this Vertical Garden using Florafelt. During the 3 months period, we had successfully experimented it with various types of plants. The growth was pretty fast and we had trimmed it several times.

Throughout the middle of April until the month of May, when we were then so busy preparing for upcoming exhibitions and distribution channels, these plants did very well on their own without any maintenance. Well, it is about time for us to reshuffle the plants orders and also add in some new plants to make it even more beautiful because it is so easy to change plants in Florafelt Vertical Garden Planters.

We had seen plenty of Vertical Gardens in Malaysia, but we still think Florafelt is the most effective and have the least maintenance. Try it and see for yourself, you will be surprised.