Vertical Garden Made Easy

How Easy Can it Be?
How Easy Can it Be?

How Easy Can a Vertical Garden Be?

We love to make things easy, especially when it is beautiful and we hope everyone are able to own it. Look at the steps below and judge for yourself how easy can it be.

Step 1:

Drill two holes on the wall and screw the provided Stainless Steel screws into the wall to secure the stainless steel Eco Frame Series.

Step 2:

Wrap your preferred plants with the root wrappers provided and slot it into the pockets of the Florafelt.

Step 3:

Fill up the stainless steel tank with water and pour in recommended dosage of Easy Grow Liquid Fertilizer provided.

Step 4:

Adjust timer settings and turn ON the switch.

Step 5:

Take a seat and enjoy your Vertical Garden.

If Step 5 is not counted, we only need 4 Steps to install a Vertical Garden of your own design. How easy was that? If you can assemble furniture you bought from IKEA, you definitely can assembly an ECO FRAME SERIES of Vertical Garden products.

Take a look at our ECO FRAME SERIES and get one for your living room today.