Vertical Garden

Green On Wall ™

Green On Wall™ vertical garden system is designed to closely imitates nature and allows plants grow to full potential without limitations.

Inspired by the works of Patrick Blanc, Green On Wall™ specially manufactured Synthetic Felt to replace the need of soil to grow plants.

Custom designed automatic fertigation system provide the synthetic felt material with water and nutrient. The nutrients and water are evenly distributed to each plants by the synthetic felt similar to thin layers of moss growing in natural vertical surfaces.



Benefits of Green On Wall™ Synthetic Felt

  • Excellent moisture retention & distribution
  • Extremely light weight
  • High tensile strength
  • Does not disintegrate overtime
  • Allow roots to breath and does not limit root growth
  • Made of recycled material

Benefits of Green On Wall™ Soil-less System

  • Light weight
  • Water and nutrient supply can be precisely controlled
  • More sustainable
  • Can be integrated with fish pond
  • Eliminate soil replacement due to erosion
  • Eliminates soil-borne plant pathogens

Automatic Fertigation system is a combination of irrigation and fertilizing system. Depending on your Vertical Garden sizes, location, design and etc, we are able to specifically design an integrated and precisely controlled fertigation system for your Vertical Garden.

Benefits of Green On Wall™ Fertigation System

  • Water efficient
  • Precise nutrient control
  • Low maintenance
  • High quality